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Public affairs
Each day, elected and regulatory officials make decisions that could jeopardize a company's or industry's competitiveness. Our Public Affairs professionals serve as trusted advisers to our clients, helping them build reputations and influence, as well as navigate intensive, short-term policy battles. Our Public Affairs network has the people, relationships, and expertise to help our clients achieve their public policy and business objectives by shaping the decision-making process.
Our approach integrates the best of traditional public relations and public education with state-of-the-art digital communications tools to deliver the right message, through the right messenger, to the right people, at the right time. We make your story personally relevant and compelling to each targeted audience segment, and we win the competition for that audience's hearts and minds by reaching them multiple times, through multiple "trusted sources."
International Business Development Alliance's Public Affairs network is built on the experience of our communications professionals, many of whom have served in high-level government capacities at the local, state, and national levels, or in the news media.
International Business Development Alliance's Public Affairs professionals know that a successful campaign is about more than media clippings and Web site hits; it is about driving desired behavior. We leverage the right combination of communications tools to educate and motivate each target audience, and we integrate them into a seamless whole campaign with greater impact than the sum of its parts. Our areas of expertise span both "off-line" and online communications, and include:
•  Public education
•  Social marketing
•  Multi-cultural and multi-lingual outreach
•  Partnerships and ally development
•  Media relations
Corporate communications

A great corporate reputation is neither built overnight nor the result of good luck; it is carefully planned, nurtured, and managed as a vital asset.
Whether you are working to build or enhance your reputation, or clarifying the nuances of a complex transaction to your stakeholders, International Business Development Alliance's Corporate Practice offers strategic counsel and execution that is aligned with your business objectives. Whether your company faces major organizational change or the challenge of repositioning its brand in the market place, our Corporate Practice delivers expert guidance and implementation support on the critical communications issues. Whether the goal is to build awareness and buy-in around a new corporate vision, guide a CEO through the first 100 days of leadership, or design a strategy to reach local constituencies and national influencers, our Corporate Practice will be your partner in developing solutions that sustain your corporate value and drive business results.
Our Corporate Practice is built around four specialties: Corporate Brand Positioning, Financial Communications, Organizational Performance, and C-Suite Positioning. Together, we offer our clients a unique, integrated approach to corporate communications with deep expertise, worldwide breadth, and best-practice experience.
For us, helping clients understand, manage, and enhance their company's perception by key stakeholder audiences is the critical parallel objective to delivering business results. We help our clients target shareholders and the investment community. We shape messaging for senior leadership teams and Boards of Directors. We design plans to address employees at every level. We manage communications with the media and, by extension, the public. And, we influence the opinion leaders who can impact corporate reputations.
Our Corporate Practice professionals are deployed in every major business center in the Commonwealth of Independent States and include practitioners with extensive backgrounds in corporate management, investment banking, law, securities regulation, organizational development, journalism, and marketing, among others.
International advertising

We use research to provoke strategic insights that fuel creative invention and provide quantitative justification for marketing communications efforts. From a capabilities perspective, we produce television commercials, short- and long-form video, print ads, radio spots, out-of-home advertising, websites, online advertising, social media campaigns, consumer education and events.
And although nearly everyone who works at Proof has experience in film making or at an advertising agency, in many ways it's our political pedigree that sets us apart. We know first-hand the value of working quickly, responding immediately, and keeping our clients on-message. What other agencies can turn around in weeks, we accomplish in days. What other agencies have learned to turn around in days, we complete in hours. We're available to our clients whenever they need us and we're relentlessly focused on doing excellent, efficacious work.
Technology (Innovation, Communication and Leadership)
Technology continually advances. These advances have the power to completely redefine the way we see and use technology, personally and professionally, at a moment's notice. In this dynamic business environment, communications plays a pivotal role in leveraging innovation to create compelling differentiation that can transform technology advancement into sustainable leadership.
We work closely with our clients to identify what differentiates their products or services as the foundation of clear and compelling communications. The stories that follow generate awareness, define new markets, and spark the imagination for what's to come.
We help our clients define communications goals and develop strategic initiatives that are based on their technology advancements, but firmly grounded in business objectives.
Our teams understand how to package stories to reach the target audiences our clients need to engage in order to achieve their business objectives, whether those audiences are consumers, businesses, or other influencers. With creativity, industry knowledge, communications expertise, and research we help build market share and mind share to position our clients as leaders in their field.
To achieve the highest possible level of success, our Technology Practice applies a broad portfolio of services that extend beyond traditional business and technology trade media relations. We provide brand development, communications strategy, and implementation services to a wide range of clients, drawing on our expertise in consumer marketing, corporate reputation, executive communications, new media, and crisis and litigation communications. We bring the right resources to bear at the right time to influence the decision-makers who impact our clients' business.
Our technology specialists will build and maintain software products for Global Ecommerce, Manufacturing, Advertising and Media, Education.
Media relations

International Business Development Alliance places media relations strategy at the core of every integrated communications program. Our specialists match the right message with the right audience.
We work the way the media do. We have structured ourselves much like a newsroom of a major news organization so that we can work quickly, globally and 24/7. And we are constantly evolving to mirror the rapidly changing media landscape.
•  Strategy and Message Development
•  Tracking and Analysis
•  Audience Targeting
•  Media Material Development
Industry insights

International Business Development Alliance produces sophisticated communications campaigns built on knowledge, research and industry insights. Our clients benefit from our depth of experience in a number of industries and issues.
Translation services

Entering the market of the Commonwealth of Independent States requires knowledge of the Russian language. We can assist you in written and oral translation whenever you need it (official documentation, exhibitions, conferences, advertising, specifications etc.)